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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Cost:
    An initial zoom or phone call is free to explore if SSP is right for you which is generally about 1/2 hour. Once this is done and you decide that you would like to continue, we then will discuss your individualized programming and answer any further questions about access to the SSP. Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) main program, Core, is $120 monthly. This fee includes any preliminary programs that might be helpful on your healing journey which could include the use of two additional programs - Connect and Balance. The SSP Core is a 5 hour program, which is the main program and part of the package. In addition to access to the music, there is on-going contact throughout the program to address any concerns or questions you may have, as well as to celebrate the changes being noticed and to monitor the correct level of delivery for you. These personalized contacts can take the form of phone conversations, zoom chats, or even emails. Please keep in mind that this can take a few months to complete depending upon your individual needs however if it takes longer than 5 months, the program will continue without a monthly fee till the Core program is complete. Once SSP Core is completed, SSP Balance can be utilized for maintenance as well as a tool to regulate the nervous system when needed. SSP Balance is available for $120 for 3 months of listening. After the 3 months, the main program is available to be repeated for $120 a month for the 5 hours of listening. Ongoing support for all programs will continue to be available whether through zoom, phone, or emails.
  • What Do I Need to Access the SSP:
    SSP is delivered through an app-based platform, available on Android and iOS, so you will need: A tablet or smartphone that can download the Unyte-iLs app Over the ear headphones. Bluetooth headphones are approved as long as the distance between the headphones and the device is kept to a minimum so as to not disrupt the music. (Please note that if you have headphones with a noise-canceling function, the noise-canceling function must be able to be turned off as you do not want this feature on when doing the SSP. If headphones have bass boost, this also needs to be turned off . Buds and other in-ear headphones are not recommended.) Possible sources for obtaining suitable headphones are: · Purchase My-Unyte headphones for adults or children · Purchase from Amazon: Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD599 Open Back Headphone Philips Audio SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear Headphones Samson Semi-Open Back Studio Reference Headphones If you want to use headphones with an iphone or ipad you may need a connector: From Amazon: Apple USB-C to 3.5 Headphone Jack Adapter This adapter can also be purchased at Target, Best Buy or wherever Apple products are sold.
  • When Can I Expect to See Results:
    Clients often report positive changes within the first week or two of beginning Safe & Sound Protocol. Of course, every brain and nervous system is unique, so you may see changes after the first session, or it may take a little longer to notice improvements. Some positive changes that clients have reported after listening for a week or so include: deeper, more restorative sleep improved digestion decreased anxiety easier to make eye contact with others less racing thoughts improved mood decreased fatigue greater sense of calm greater desire to connect with others greater ability to step in with brain retraining tools ​ I encourage clients to be on the lookout out for small and subtle changes while implementing the program. Sometimes the positive changes are dramatic and other times they are smaller and build up over time.
  • When Should I Listen:
    An ideal environment while listening to SSP would be a quiet location where you will be able to feel safe and relax. This will allow you to focus on listening to the music without worrying about distracting noises. The sound level of the music fluctuates throughout the program and at times it will seem very quiet. Therefore a quiet environment will help you pay attention to all parts of the music. You can be in any position you choose, however, most people choose to sit or lie down. Listening earlier in the day is recommended as many find they have increased energy after listening to the music.
  • What Can I Do During Listening:
    Activities that can be done while listening Feel free to have a non-alcoholic drink or soft foods during SSP (no crunchy foods). It is recommended to avoid alcohol, sugary snacks/drinks and caffeinated beverages while listening to the program. Many people like to simply relax and enjoy the music. If you would prefer, some suggested activities that can be done while listening to SSP are: looking through photo albums, petting your dog or cat, creative activities such as weaving, painting, drawing, doodling, coloring, working with clay, jigsaw puzzles, quiet board or card games, etc. It is also okay if you fall asleep while listening, your brain and nervous system will still be integrating the information. Activities Not Recommended Please avoid using your phone, computer or any other screen while listening to the music. It is also best to refrain from conversations while listening to SSP. Walking around the room is okay, but please avoid stimulating activities such as exercising or doing chores.
  • How Long Does SSP Take:
    SSP is five hours of modulated music that is broken up into smaller segments for listening. Most clients do well with listening to 5 minutes of music each day but completion of the program is dependent on length of time listening and frequency of listening. The 5 minutes is a general guideline and listening times are adjusted to honor the person's nervous system and what is beneficial for their own individual nervous system. The time can be decreased further if needed or increased. It is also okay to skip a day of listening here and there which will affect the length of time to complete the program. On going support is provided for whatever the length of time is needed to complete the program.
  • Can I Repeat the Program:
    SSP can be repeated after a rest period. It is recommended that at least 3-6 months pass before doing another round of SSP because the brain and nervous system need time to integrate the changes that were made. SSP Balance can be used immediately after SSP to help maintain the gains seen and also as a tool to help regulate the nervous system when needed.
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